About us

About Bein Angel

Bein Angel is an ideal platform for cleaning and body care products.

With its head quarters atNicosia, Cyprus, Bein Angel is providing its customers, genuine and quality products for cleaning and body care since 1984. Bein Angel exists to offer its customers with more value than they truly anticipate.

With its production facility of 5000 sqm, Bein Angel has been manufacturing 4 product lines namely, Body Care Products, Dish Care Products, Household Cleaners and Special Cleaning Agents. Bien Angel products are approved and certified - in accordance with the legislative authorities of the European Union and have quality certificates EN 1276: 2009 ISO 9001: 2008.

Bien Angel proudly presents Greek's finest special olives and olive oil range including Extra Vigin, Organic and Zeolite olive oil which promises will instill healthy diet in daily routine.